Holidays in the Lot near Montcuq,Cahors,France

For some number of years now, I have been travelling down to the Lot area of France, near Cahors for my holidays. Stopping in a small house near the village of Montcuq I have had time to take a large number of photos in the area (although mainly of wildlife or of astronomical targets!).
The links below are the start of what (hopefuly) will be a large number of photos from this fantastic area of France.
Some of the links will have photos from other areas as well, so please read the descriptions to confirm where they were taken.

General shots July-August 2017 Click Here
General shots April 2016 Click Here
General shots inc firecrests - Feb/Mar 2015 Click Here
General shots - April 2014 Click Here
Insects - April 2014 Click Here
General shots - February 2013 Click Here
General shots - August 2011 Click Here
Insects ! - August 2011 Click Here
Sunflowers ! - August 2011 Click Here
Insect photos taken on a visit to Bagat - Sept 2010 Click Here
Astronomical Photos - various years Click Here

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