Here are a few of my older pictures

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The first 3 are with the Ricoh RR30 digital camera. They were taken with the camera against the eyepiece of the 8" Newtonian.
The other moon shots are with a 35mm camera on the same scope (undriven).

A full size version of the above moon picture is available on my Ricoh RR30 page.

Half moonThe Moon

Higher mag moon

Higher magnification shot

solar eclipse 1999

Solar eclipse, France 1999 nr Reims


Polaris... 400asa film 35mm lens 20 mins.

The aurora of 13th March '89. Overhead view, 22:30
The aurora of 13th March '89. View East 23:00
The aurora of 13th March '89. View North 22:00

Aurora pics... 3200 ASA film, exposures about 15 seconds 28mm lens.
This event was my one and only aurora sighting.

All pictures on this page (apart from the solar eclipse) were taken from the rear garden of my house.

My total eclipse page

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