Here are a few of my pictures taken through my new (Christmas 2004) Meade LX90 telescope (not fully collimated)

2 pictures of Saturn taken on 2/4/05 with a logitech webcam, frames stacked in Registax

Saturn Saturn

The 2 pictures below show Jupiter, again from earlier this year (2005) (Webcam is a logitech 3000 on both pics),
and the shot of Mars is the first one I have ever taken of that planet,taken 2nd Nov 2005


The Moon
The moon taken 23/1/05

All pictures on this page taken from garden of my house in Stoke on Trent.

My older shots including my aurora pictures

My total eclipse page

My favourite astronomy links... - great site -aurora and astrophotography great for aurora spotters and general space info.
The best Visual Satellite Page Log on with your latitude and longitude then bookmark it!

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