Photos using my Nikon D750

M45 - 16mins 40 secs of stacked exposures here from my light polluted back yard in Stoke on Trent.
This is my first astro shot using a D750, the lens was a Nikkor 300mm f2.8 and it had a 1.7x Nikon converter (and was cropped)!
A stack of 12 frames - Comet Lovejoy - 6m 44s - D750 with 600mm F5.6 taken from the New Forest
A 21 frame mosaic of the moon - D750 in DX crop mode, Orion OMC140, 2x barlow - 21 x 2000 frame 60fps HD videos to create this image!
A wide angle view of the aurora, 17th March 2015 from the Roaches, near Leek, Staffs.

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