PST Astro Photos

I now have a Coronado PST Solar Telescope. I am amazed each day how much you can see with it. I will be getting set up properly for photography soon, but for now , here are a few pics taken via a Nikon L5 compact camera held up against the eyepiece!
My newer photos are HERE
PST solar image - 1st light
1st light - 18th March 2008 North at bottom.
PST solar image
2nd go - 21st March 2008 North at bottom (right).
Was watching new sunspot group and filament, Mon 24th March 2008 then a black line appeared by lower (in pic) sunspot, then 1/2 later was gone. North at bottom
The above 2 images ( 5th April ) show my first attempts by webcam (toucam 690) - both 20 secs of avi's stacked in RegiStax. A 2x barlow was in line to allow me to focus.
Sunday 6th April - morning shot

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