About Me

I've been playing around with html since 1995 and PHP since 2002 (yes, I know I have not improved much!). I'm not trying to get slow, flashy effects, just pages that load at a reasonable speed and have something on them that may be interesting.
I'm not trying to sell anything, just show a little bit of what I like to do.
I am a Christian (not affiliated to any church or denomination), a radio amateur, an amateur photographer and an amateur astronomer.
I used to be a camera technician, then in a tech support team and then Data Support Manager for Johnsons Photopia . I finished at JP in April 2017, initially planning early retirement but now I have found myself changing direction somewhat and am re-training to be an Ecologist - see Kesselsupport .

All of the pictures within these pages have been taken by me, apart from maybe an odd one or two.

I have found both astronomy and weather satellites interesting for years. I often 'sky watch' in my back garden either with no optical aid , with binoculars , my camera lenses or my telescopes. I do a little bit of astronomy from France when I can.

I don't record weather satellite pictures now, so my weather satellite page is not provided as a 'look at todays weather' but more of a 'look what you can do if you want to ' page.

My website used to be spread across several Internet providers (including Freeserve, BT, Lycos, IC24 and Freenetname) but now it is hosted mainly on PG54.com . I do have some of my more up to date and better images hosted on Flickr and elsewhere that link to pages here.
Most parts of the site are not updated often, but rock band photo pages, especially the Facebook section in 'Other Gigs' and my Youtube Videos, Aircraft Photos and Bird Photo pages are.

There are thousands of photos, a sort of 'historical record', of the bands that I have seen play at the Limelight Club in Crewe, but since it closed, I am now trying to do a similar historical record at other local (Stoke on Trent) venues including The Green Star,The Sugarmill, Fat Cat etc
These band photos are not meant to be 'classic rock shots' or top quality 'photo shoots' of the bands, but rather my record of who the bands are/were and how they looked.
There is no written review of each gig, just a review in photos.
I would love to cover other local (Stoke/Newcastle) bands at other venues. I don't charge, but can't always get to every gig, so please be patient if I say I can't get. I should be able to cover you eventually. Please remember - if you use one of my photos, please clearly state that I took it!

Martin Kessel