My Bat Photos

Parga, Greece - May 2006

I have often tried to take photos of the bats that fly along the back of my house in Stoke on Trent, but always seem to fail. Whilst I was on holiday in Greece, noticed these bats drinking from the pool. I thought I would have a go at getting them drinking. They could be seen best between 21:15 and 22:00 as it was hard to spot them when it got properly dark. To get these shots, I lay down by the pool and pre-focussed my camera (Konica Minolta Z5) at an area of the pool then hoped a bat would fly there. Some did, some did not, hence my rather mixed results. Overall though, I was very pleased.
If you can identify what type of bat(s) these are, please let me know.
My closest shotOne turns towards me after a drink
Only a few mm above the water!A wingtip touches the water as it climbs away
A quick shot in flight and another

A few more bat photos

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