More stuff!

Why can you only get out once a week Just accept that this is how I work - if you don't like it get a professional
What venues do you prefer The Underground,The Sugarmill,The Rigger,The Wulfrun or the Box
Do you do location shoots On VERY rare occasions, but only with bands/people I have covered live and got to know well
Your stuff is nice can we give you our cd as a thank-you Yes
Will the above mean you will cover us more No
Can you remove our video from youtube Yes, but think long and hard about leaving it there as it is your history. Just because you do different stuff now (or your lead singer left) does not mean that your old stuff needs to go away. I don't keep backup copies of videos - once they are gone, that is it.
Will you take photos and NOT use them on Facebook/your website? The main purpose for me taking them is for me to use them (on my website/Facebook/flickr/wherever). If you don't want this to happen, then you need to be asking a pro photographer who will be glad to sell you the rights to use his/her photos. You are free to use the ones I take as well (as long as you credit me as the photographer). I often take some that I don't use - you are free to use those as well!
Do you back up the photos Yes, mostly - I have over 15 years of photo backups although not everything is saved - I don't backup videos
Can we get hi-res copies It depends on which shot you need in hi-res. I do this to put the results on the web - not everything looks good at the original resolution
Can we use your pic on our cd/t-shirt/flyer/website Yes, but try to remember to credit me, or at the least give me a copy!
Do you do local festivals Yes, but the same rules apply - you need to get me in and I will try to cover all bands. I don't do full days very often though.
Can we use any of your other stuff on our website Yes, I do wildlife/aircraft/astronomy stuff that you can use, but you must credit me
What do you do if we don't credit you Cry - then get a bit annoyed. Actually, I put you on my 'this band does not want me to cover them again' list
Is there anyone on that list Yes
What gear do you use Nikon cameras with either Nikon, Tamron or Sigma lenses
Can you tell me how to get results like yours Yes, just meet up with me at a gig and I will explain. It is not complex, but you need to comcentrate on what you are doing - you don't actually get to listen to much of the music