Martin's Weather Station

The wind sensors are mounted on the side of my house, just below my 2m/70cms antenna with the solar cell pointing towards the south. I am aware that it is a bit too low really, as it does not clear the roof, but I don't have much option. It does mean that the wind speed and direction can be a bit erratic due to the roof and gap between the 2 houses.
The data is sent to the WMR928 console in loft, where I use Cumulus to read the data from the console and FTP it to my webserver to update my website as required.
Please remember this is a very basic system and the data should NOT be considered as reliable or accurate!

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The Weather Station I use is an Oregon Scientific WMR 928. I have mounted the rain guage and outside temp/humidity sensors on the stump of a dead tree in the back garden (see pic left). The rain collector was modified as you can see in the photo by adding a funnel to the top. This increases the collecion area so that the minimum collection amount is now .28mm instead of 1mm. The temp/humidity sensor is just visible behind the stump. The 2 radio senders can be seen on the right side of the tree with the solar cells pointing towards the south.

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