Nikon D70s Astro Photos

I have a Nikon D70s and some nice lenses that I use when I visit the Limelight Music Club
and so it is sensible to use them for astrophotography.
The first thing to say here is that I don't have a dark sky or a fixed observatory at home, so pictures taken at my home will be through the orange streetlight glare and on a mount set up in about 10 mins!. I use either a battery motorised eq2 mount or I piggyback the camera on the LX90 . I will confirm the location and mount by each photo. These photos are not meant to 'win prizes', rather they just show shots that I am happy with!

Andromeda GalaxyM45
Both taken on 24/10/06 from home. 80-200mm f2.8 on the motorised eq2 . Stack of pics ranging from 10 secs to 1 min. Andromeda galaxy(left) , Pleiades (M45) right.
Star fields in CygnusThedouble cluster in Perseus
Both taken on 19/09/06 from southern France . Cygnus star fields (left - undriven) 28mm f2.8 .The double cluster (right - not well aligned eq2) 80-200 f2.8 .Both are single 30sec exposures.
The Great Orion Nebula
This is 5 x 30 sec exposures at 1600 iso, 400mm, f5.6 (cropped) taken 00:30 19/11/06 from my back garden using the driven eq2.
Lunar Eclipse 04-03-07 D70 with 80-400
The Lunar Eclipse 4th March 2007 from my garden
M44 04-07 D70s with 500mm
M44 April 2007 from SW France

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